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Our achievements

  • Project works like a real-life business simulation
  • We build a platform connecting students to business
  • Involving students from 8 universities
  • The team launched, runs and maintains Uni2Biz forums to insure good communication and smooth work progress
  • Speaking French, English, German, Russian, Ukrainian
  • Uni2Biz blogs: one in English and one in Russian to deliver news about Uni2Biz
  • Directly reaching 143 000 students of Dnepropetrovsk region
  • More than 50 presentations in universities, career days and social events
  • Weekly labs and work sessions (50 yearly) are held in universities since 2011
  • Mobile applications to track events held by Uni2Biz
  • Each lab is a direct hand-on work session supervised by international experts and a team of 5 people

Resulting in many students have successfully found steady jobs

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