1. What is Uni2Biz?

Uni2Biz is an international web platform started by CY.TALK SWITZERLAND SA and National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine in Dnipro, Ukraine.

CY.TALK SWITZERLAND SA is a telecom, mobile & payment solutions provider.

National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine is a technical university since 1899 with 60 engineering and economic degree programs. National status shows its leading role in the field of metallurgical education and science in Ukraine.

Uni2Biz offers a variety of educational and business possibilities for students and graduates.

2. What will I learn in Uni2Biz?

With Uni2Biz you will:
- have career advice & guidance;
- master skills & tools necessary for a successful career;
- learn to work in coordinated teams & departments;
- learn from international IT experts;
- have endless opportunities of professional and personal growth;
- work in multilingual environment.

Uni2Biz is used for training and serves many purposes:
- simulation of business environment;
- connection between participants and their future employer;
- experience of business language;
- platform where one can obtain practical knowledge, useful for future work;
- platform for expressing one's creative way of thinking/approach;
- possibility of international business integration;
- platform for developing the sense of corporate responsibility, quick wit, open-minded way of thinking and many other vital business skills;
- platform where students will learn principles of teamwork in real environment and where they will be responsibilized to do a real work.

3. Which roles are available within Uni2Biz?

There are following roles in Uni2Biz:
- developers/coders (PHP, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, HTML, DHTML, C/C++, SQL ...)
- translators
- project managers
- journalists
- marketing & sales
- artists (drawing, music, poetry,…)
- photograph
- designers (graphic, industrial)
- testers
- network engineers
- telecommunication engineers

And if you want to propose other roles, please do!

4. How can I participate in Uni2Biz?

To participate follow the steps below:

- register on Uni2Biz forum;

- create a profile: filling in your profile will help the community learn more about you and it will be easier for the other Uni2Biz members to find you.

- ask questions: Uni2Biz is organized around the things that you are going to do in the project. Our experts and community will provide the answer to your questions.

- contact the group lead: we work in coordinated groups under the supervision of professionals. They will guide you through your work. See "Contact us" section.

- join Uni2Biz in social networks: you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte and get project updates directly in your favorite social network.

- come to our work session: our work sessions are held weekly in the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine and Dnepropetrovsk Univirsite after A. Nobel. Check the schedule in the Calendar and on Forums.

5. Why does Uni2Biz need forum?

As a growing team we need good communication and co-ordination to achieve common goals. Uni2Biz forums is the place where you can ask questions and receive answers to them.

6. Where and when is Uni2Biz held?

Uni2Biz work sessions are held weekly in:

room 238, the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (NMetAU), 4, Gagarina av., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine,

room 2313, Dnepropetrovsk University after A.Nobel (DUAN), Lenina embarkment, 18, Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

However, it is possible to participate in Uni2Biz remotely in case if you do all the tasks and stay in touch with other members online.

7. I don’t speak Ukrainian/Russian/English. Can I participate in Uni2Biz?

Yes, you can participate in Uni2Biz if you know at least one of the following languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English, French, Spanish.

8. How can I get a job with Uni2Biz?

Uni2biz doesn’t guarantee you a job if you participate in it. However, if you demonstrate motivation, initiative, perseveration, ambition, efficiency, you will probably be hired.

Check active job offers here

9. How old is Uni2Biz project?

First Uni2Biz work session was held on the 11th of May, 2011.

10. How will I work?

Work sessions of Uni2Biz are held once a week. A session lasts for about 1h30.

Time of work session is the time for organizational and general matters. Within these hours supervisors can teach students. But the major part of work is fulfilled out of the classroom. Members can work on the project from wherever they want – home, cafe, university. All you need is a PC or laptop, USB key and Internet access.

11. What is Uni2Biz USB key and how should I use it?

Members of Uni2Biz receive a USB key on which they have all the tools necessary for work; this includes development, text and graphic design tools. This key permits work from the classroom as well as anywhere else you want. It is like a portable office with all the tools.

The conditions of USB key usage are as follows:

Uni2Biz USB key is a property of CY.TALK SWITZERLAND SA company. The key is used exclusively for Uni2Biz until member either quit or is dismissed. At which point they will have to give the key back.

The key cannot be used for hacking or any other actions that violate online legislation.

The key cannot be used for keeping any kind of personal data on it or installing software which doesn’t apply to Uni2Biz. Any other uses of the key except work in Uni2Biz are possible exclusively if there is a written permission of CY.TALK SWITZERLAND S.A..

12. Do I need a laptop?

To have a laptop is not mandatory for participation in Uni2Biz, but it’s advisable as it would be easier for you to work and to stay in touch with other members.

13. I am studying/working/studying and working. How much time should I dedicate to Uni2Biz?

Uni2Biz is a voluntary project and participation in it is free. All you do is for yourself and not for other members or Uni2Biz management. It depends only on you how much time you can dedicate to your participation.

Uni2Biz coaches also for responsibility and team work. If you will let down other members, your reputation will lower dramatically. Do not undertake to do some work if you are not sure that you will do it. If you are responsible for some work you cannot do, ask others for help.

Uni2Biz works like business: if you don’t do things you are responsible for – you quit the project, if you do things right and in time – you get a paid job.